Banking BI

BEYE solution is an innovative management tool being used by banks today to better understand business performance and all the actors that affect its results. It provides close to real time interactive access to data using multi-layer analytics. It is definitely the best tool a manager can use to make the right fact-based decisions quickly, and effectively.

BEYE is glad to offer its Business
solution which has the story line for
every single business in the bank
equipped with more than 2,000+
pre-built KPIs related to the
banking sector.
BEYE offers a comprehensive suite
of visual & interactive dashboards
and solutions addressing business
units like retail banking, corporate
banking, financial analysis, and risk
management. We also provide
special analytical dashboards
dedicated for macro views for
CEOs, CFOs, CROs, and head of

BEYE has a special focus on retail
banking business line covering it fully
under the following key areas:


- Retail Lending Analytics

- Retail Deposit analytics

- Branch 360 analytics

- Cards Analytics

- Relationship Analytics

- ATM Analytics

- Transactions Analysis

- E-Channels Analytics, and more.


Yet, there are modules within BEYE
solution analyzing other business lines
and support units within the bank: Risk


- covering credit, market, liquidity, and operational risks

- Corporate portfolio analytics

- Financial analytics focusing on balance sheet, income statement, and key ratios analysis

- Investment Analytics: for mainly bonds and equities the bank is investing in.