Our HRMS is the most comprehensive and powerful localized HR platform, designed specifically for HR departments to improve efficiency in addition to employee and managerial productivity.

The full-suite system covers all core HR functions and extends to training and development and beyond:


- Personnel information

- management

- Organization

- structures and charts

- Competency based

- models

- Training and development

- dashboard

- Career path planning

- Succession planning

- Appraisal management

- Recruitment management

- Internal policies and

- procedures

- Talent management

Our HRMS enables organizations to Share information effectively using employee self-service

- Increase accuracy by capturing data at the source

- HR staff to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently Manage every aspect of the organization’s most important business asset

- its human capital - Access vital data and analytics for more accurate decisions

- Stay in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Our HRMS is being used by over 1,700 organizations across the MENA region to effectively manage their Human Capital.